Sometimes it’s the Little Things…

Happy Saturday Peeps!

Do you realise that after today there are only 2 Saturdays before Christmas? ! 😄🙌

I started today wanting to share a non-Christmas post, but as you’ll see it slowly turns to Christmas anyway. (What can I say? 😉)

I wanted to remind you all to appreciate the little things and small victories in life.

When I cleaned the pantry out I moved the cardboard recycling bag right to the front (originally the vacuum was there as I thought I used that most) and it’s made so much difference and kept it tidier (as we can’t overflow the bag and still get in the doorway). May seem silly to some people but it saves me minutes every single day.

Secondly, the joy of resting. Getting up early for Mr.B’s new job has been hard but after 2 weeks we’ve got used to it… not having to be first shift at work today, I got up at 7 (that was a lie-in) and still had time to do what I want; it’s been like a holiday!

Thirdly, (here comes the Christmas bit) the town we live in is such a joy! Despite the grotty weather, we lit our Christmas lights last night and they are the best yet!

Special shout out to the #lightupbude team for all their hard work. But the cherry on the cake was the #budetunnel. Please go and check it out online.

Back in the summer someone did a fake trip advisor page for our wind tunnel from Sainsburys car park to the storefront. People had a great laugh ‘reviewing’ it; it even made local news! So last night it was (and remains) a spectacular light display with music and everything…I’ll share the video on my Facebook page. Honestly it looks like something out of Deck The Halls!

It’s bringing people into town and helping local businesses, but most importantly, it’s making people smile! ☺ l love it here!

What makes you smile right now?

Have a fab Saturday Peeps!

Anna x

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