Christmas Recipes

Hi-de-hi Festive Peeps!

2 weeks today is the big day itself!

Aside from Christmas day itself, there will be parties and quiet evenings in, busy days and food gifts….all these require different types of food, so here are a few options:

Andrea at Cooking With A Wallflower has these gorgeous salted caramel cookies which would be a lovely gift, an easy treat and a fun activity to bake with the kids.

This wouldn’t be a recipe round up without mentioning What’s For Dinner Moms and she has a whole Christmas cookie week! But the crowning glory of that week has to be this bundt cake! Uhh yes please!

Moving away from the cookies (hard I know) these Bourbon Mashed Sweet Potatoes from Simply Recipes would be an amazing side dish if you’re entertaining, but so easy to make…it’d be rude not to. 😉

So many great recipes out there, please feel free to link your faves below.

Here are some of my fave recipes:

Stained Glass Cookies

Easy Party Treats

New Year’s Party Food

Christmas Food

Apple Jam

Spiced Blueberry Jam

Pear and Walnut Chutney

Okaaay, those are all treats, gifts and party food, but we also need some quick and easy suppers for busy days… if you’ve been here a while you probably know what my staple dinners are, but here they are (just in case);

Basic Pizza Base

Root Veg Stew

Toad in the Hole using my Basic Batter

So I hope that helps you prepare for the food and festivities!

Anna x


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