Last Minute Gift Ideas

Howdy Festive Peeps!

We’re on the final stretch! This may not be last minute for some people, but it will be ‘last minute’ soon enough!

All these ideas could be used for a variety of people and are all under £20 (some of them are under £5) so here we go:

Mugs: Any size, any budget, any style. If you know someone’s fave colour/animal/car/drink you can get a mug themed like that. You can also fill them with stuff like sweets, socks or the actual drink. Easy.

Food: This can be homemade sweets and cookies, a family sized box of biscuits or something a little more unique. My uncle would happily receive a jar of Christmas chutney every year for the rest of his life…so we usually do. If you don’t know what someone likes do a little selection hamper or gift set. If you’re going down the hamper route, definitely make it yourself: Get a basket from the charity shop or a cute gift box and fill it with biscuits, tea, jam, chocolate…literally anything.

Toiletries: Any sort of bath bombs/shower gel/moisturiser is good. You can get gift sets of Dove, Nivea and Lynx for under £5 in literally every supermarket. You could do a hamper of bath stuff to suit your budget. Also, the better you know someone, the more you can personalise it: Last year my daughter bought for a friend who’s very into horses, so she got horse/unicorn shaped lip gloss, bath bombs printed facecloth….you get the idea.

For Teens: Headphones and chargers! My daughter goes through like 4 a year and has still asked Santa for drop some in-ear headphones in her stocking. I mean you can still buy them toiletries and food too, but my experience is that she asks for these tech things most.

For younger Kids: Stationery…again it can be themed to their fave show/band/animal etc. If you’re buying for tween girls then go big: Huge fluffy pens, big packs of shaped/scented erasers and notebooks galore! Little kids can have colouring items and books and craft stuff.

Creative stuff: Literally any age group. Play-Doh for littlies through to knitting/decorating/card-making stuff for grown ups (who am I kidding…I’d totally use the Play-Doh!). If you know what they’re into, go with that!

Books: Again literally all ages, from cardboard baby books to murder mysteries and autobiographies. You could even do magazines or hobby books.

So I hope that’s given you some ideas…if you’re still waiting for some inspiration, I have a homemade gift blog coming soon…watch this space!

Have a great day Peeps!

Anna x



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