Lots of Exciting Things!

Howdy festive Peeps!

There are lots of exciting things at the moment….and I don’t just mean the fact that there are only 9 days left before Christmas!

It’s 21 years ago today I prayed the prayer inviting Jesus into my life, getting baptised the following June (see the post 20 Years….) Still the best decision I ever made!

Next Major piece of excitement….you know I talked about going to a cousin’s wedding earlier this year…we found out on Thursday that her brother and his girlfriend are expecting!!! (FYI I’m not breaking any confidences sharing this, it’s on their social media, so don’t panic.) Such an amazing little blessing coming to the family!!

Third thing; I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but one of my fave YouTube options is Safiya Nygaard’s Channel…well her video posted earlier is entitled “We’re Getting Married”! Beautiful proposal video and very exciting for them….congrats guys! And whilst I think of it, congrats to the couple who got engaged in Bude Tunnel the other day! ❤

There are a few little things that may seem silly to others but are exciting to me (and yes, they are all Christmas-related):

  1. Today is my last Saturday working before Christmas (I finish Thursday when the kids break up), in fact it’s my last Saturday of 2018 as I’ve swapped shifts with someone on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year so I can go to see family! YAY!
  2. I had my order form this morning for Christmas milk delivery so it must be getting close!!!  (Milkman also brings fizzy drinks and treats at Christmas, so it’s exciting for that reason too!)
  3. Yesterday I made my first visit this year to NORAD’s Santa Tracker and found some fun games and facts and such…it’s also magical on Christmas Eve to watch Santa get closer to you as he makes his way through the countries in each time zone!! Well worth a visit. 🙂
  4. Strictly Finals!! Seeing who the best celebrity dancer is really says it’s almost Christmas! In fact this whole week will be full of last things or one-offs so every day we can tick something off the list and inch closer to Christmas!!!!!!!!!

Oh and one non-Christmas thing; yesterday I watched a video of first predictions for Jurassic World 3, but I’ll save that for another time. (closer to the 2021 release date! LOL)

So now I’m completely hyper, I’m gonna go get ready for work. Catch ya later Peeps- have a great Saturday!

Anna x


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