Joyful Joyful

Hello Sunday Peeps!

Today is the 3rd Sunday of advent! There is one more Sunday after today until Christmas!!!

If you have a coloured candle wreath this is the pink candle week…before I understood what they meant it really used to irritate me that one candle was pink when the rest were purple (I have issues with patterns and symmetry LOL).

For several years I’ve known the candles (and the Sundays) were for Hope, Love, Joy and Peace but couldn’t get the other meanings; As well as being virtues of Jesus they each have a specific part of the Christmas story attached.

The First is Prophecy

The Second is Bethlehem

The Third is for the Shepherds

The Fourth is for the Angels

I could talk about each of those for a whole post, but today is the 3rd Sunday so we’ll stick to that.

Talking about advent with my Sunday School class a couple of weeks ago we did the Joy, peace etc first then the part of the nativity they went with; one of the class made an excellent point along the lines of “well the Shepherds would be joyful because they were the first to know about Jesus!” Just Wow! Sometimes in Bible Study (and in teaching) you get those revelation moments; that was one for me, I’ll remember which ones go together on the 3rd Sunday for the rest of my life.

The girl was also completely right. How awesome would it have been to be there then? I think sometimes we all go “aww nice story to tell the kids, shepherds and sheep, etc” but as an adult Christian what would you say/do/feel like if you knew Jesus was literally just down the road and you had to tell people? Well we still kinda do!

Jesus is still with us, we still have the Gospel to share and Christmas, in fact any worship time, should give us that Awe and wonder feeling.

I’m going to try to focus on that this Christmas season, how about you?

Anna x


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