Last Minute Jobs…

Howdy Friday Peeps!

I was talking to someone in the shop yesterday (My last day before Christmas) and she was just starting her Christmas shopping! I don’t know how  people do that…I’m bordering on hysteria with the stuff I have to do and none of that is gift-buying.

Actually, I was hysterical yesterday but now I’m chilled because I have a whole day ahead of me to do the last-minute stuff.

So what last-minute stuff is there? Well I’m glad you asked;

  • Launder and put on Christmas bedding, uniforms and put away…and regular laundry. joy.
  • Clean the oven and spot-clean carpet (again, but not the massive clean I did a few weeks ago.)
  • Fresh food to buy and prep.
  • Deliver local prezzies to friends and family (3 separate visits).
  • Clean out the utility room (Urgh! Last job from my deep-cleaning list, which you can find here.)
  • General tidying/cleaning.
  • Dairy collection (Christmas Cheese and jams….yummy!)
  • Collect wages and put some in bank.
  • I’m sure there’s other stuff…whatever.


So what are you doing? Have you finished prezzie shopping? Got family coming? Cleaning like a crazy person (me)?

Whatever it is, remember to look after yourself and the real reason for doing it 🙂

Happy Christmas!!

Anna x



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