On The First Day Of Christmas…

…My true love gave to me….I don’t know I haven’t opened it yet! 😉

Happy Christmas Peeps!

There’s a lot of symbolism in the 12 days of Christmas. Starting today and ending on Epiphany (when the wise men came).

The song at face value seems to be a romance story with gifts of rich food, fine Jewellery, entertainment and a proposal….but is there a hidden meaning?

As with much at Christmastime, it’s really about Jesus but the meaning is hidden by the other stuff.

If you’d like to read about the hidden meaning of the song, then click here.

It’s well worth a read when you have the time (although I realise that might not be today!) it’s interesting to read about the persecution of early Christians, but it also reminds us of all we have to be thankful for.

So God bless you today, on Christ’s birthday, and remember to be thankful in all you do and for all you have.

Merry Christmas!!

Anna x


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