Boxing Day Excitement

Happy Boxing Day Peeps!

Today is going to be fun 🙂 My Mum and Dad are coming to play games, chill out  and eat buffet food wit us. It’s starting to become a new tradition and I like it. Boxing day has been spent in many different ways and with lots of different people…some years working, some not.

Something I’ve NEVER done is sales shop. (Apart from going to Argos with my dad one year to swap a Barbie we bought my cousin for one she didn’t have already!)

It’s great to get a bargain (and I may well do so tomorrow) but right now I’m going to avoid the big-town craziness and stay in the quiet place I love and chill out. In all honesty, Most of our little Cornish town is closed today and that’s the way we like it on special days. 🙂

Right now though I’m the only one up, so I thought I’d pop on here and say hello to you lovelies (Hi) and ask what your plans are for today? Whatever it is, have a good one!

I’m going to go and ‘play with my new toys’.. by which I mean fill in the awesome new planner I received yesterday (Thanks M&D) whilst wearing my new slippers and drinking my new tea! Ah, the fast life! 😉

BTW I was thinking I might show a few planner spreads and such on here, if you’d be interested let me know.

Have the bast day!

Anna x


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