Thinking Ahead

Hello Thursday Peeps!

Yes, it’s actually Thursday; just a regular day…weird isn’t it?

So Christmas is done, New Year is fast approaching. I’ve been starting to think about Goals for 2019…

Blog Goals

Health Goals

Self-Care Goals

Financial Goals

Family/Couple/Joint Goals

and even some long term stuff. This year has been great, even though not everything went to plan.

The biggest surprise to me is that my blog has far exceeded my expectations, thanks to you lovelies! I began the year with 123 followers on WordPress so I set my goal for 200, but I got most of the way to that in January! I set 250, then 300 and couldn’t quite believe it when I got to 300 a month or 2 ago so I stopped setting goals…then on Christmas Eve I got my 350th follower! (Happy Christmas to me!) Thank you all soooooooooooooooo much! ❤

So I guess what I’m saying is  that I’m not done yet; I have more blogging to do, more weight to lose, more budgeting and of course, there’s next Christmas to think about! 😉

So thanks for coming along and I hope you will enjoy the ride into 2019 with me!

What are your goals for the new year?

Have an awesome last few days of 2018

Anna x


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