Acting on the Planning

How-do Friday Peeps!

After writing yesterday’s post about Thinking Ahead, I then went and acted of some of it. (I highly recommend the ‘act on it’ part, I had a great time!)

It will not surprise anyone who knows me that I went and stocked up on ribbons, bows, cards and tags for next Christmas. I LOVE IT! Beautiful cards, some hand finished, none of the packs were more than 80p!! (Last week they were anything up to £3.50!) So I have Christmas stuff (which is always exciting) and it was a bargain! (Which is also exciting.) All the stuff pictured came to just £4.85!

That, however, is only half the story: Yesterday I also bought a few regular things (like bread and loo roll) and I went and bought some new make up and toiletries. One of my 2019 goals is to take better care of my skin, partly because it’s a lot drier than it used to be (trying to pretend that’s because I live near the sea and not that I’m getting older! 😉 ) and partly because I want to improve my look generally.

All the Christmas stuff, groceries and toiletries only cost me £2.75!! Here’s how:

  1. Knowing I wanted to improve myself in 2019, I asked for Boots vouchers for Christmas so I used those and my reward points for the make up and toiletries.
  2. I used £4 I had back from Sainsbury’s before Christmas. (Did I mention the Christmas stuff and groceries were both from Sainsbury’s?)
  3. I used £2.50 in Nectar Card points off the total…making £2.75 to pay
  4. I bought stuff that was on sale anyway.

So the rules are; shop the sales and collect reward points!

My final haul looked more like this:

Needless to say I was quite pleased (and won’t be stopping bargain shopping ever)! But my savings were easy to get and I want to encourage you to try….go and see what is worth having in the Christmas sales and get yourselves started for next year with a bargain!

Happy saving peeps!

Anna x


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