Happy Late Christmas!

Well Peeps, it’s Saturday!

“5 Gooold Rings” day probably makes more sense at the moment! I haven’t got a clue really…I did my Tuesday hours in the shop yesterday, so as far as I’m concerned it;s Wednesday! 😀

It will feel like Christmas again to lots of people today, especially if you’ve been to work between Christmas and now but have the weekend off (like me). 🙂

It feels like Christmas for us today as we’re going to see family we didn’t see over Christmas itself (good excuse to wear my new reindeer jumper again!)

Talking to friends, there are some that have worked over Christmas and are having days off now, there are others who have children who are going to see their Dad now for a second Christmas or were with the Dad for Christmas and are coming back to celebrate with their Mum. Another person I know had the whole family sick over Christmas, so they’re just well enough for Christmas now….

So to all of you who are celebrating this weekend, for whatever reason, a Happy Christmas to you!

God bless,

Anna x


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