Big Trust Steps

Howdy Sunday Peeps!

Y’all know I have a teenager, she’s pretty great and easy-going, but there are always parenting decisions to make.

There have been a couple of times recently when she’s asked to go somewhere we haven’t been, or go further away on the bus with friends, or to stay out later.

We only said no to one of these things because it meant walking somewhere risky on her own, but we didn’t just go “yeah, see ya” we imposed some rules:

  1. She texts or calls when she arrives and when she leaves to come home:- tbh she’s done this since she’s had a phone so I don’t need to enforce this, it’s just habit now.
  2. We know where they’re going and who with.
  3. She has her phone and spare money.
  4. At least one of the people with her has our numbers in case she loses her phone.
  5. We know and trust the people she wants to go with.
  6. We also have a tracker app on her phone, she doesn’t have to do anything but knows it’s there.

She knows these rules well and sometimes rolls her eyes at us repeating them nut knows it’s part of the deal. She also knows if she broke them, there would be no deal next time.

Some parents think we’re too fussy and some are horrified we let her go with that much freedom, but I’m not a parent to please other people; it’s about her being safe and it working for all of us.

So what do you think. what would you do? Have you got teenagers, if so what are some of the tough decisions you’ve faced?

Good luck, God bless you Peeps and your families

Anna x


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