Blog Goals for 2019

Howdy Peeps!

Just thought I’d share what’s coming your way next year, I have BIG plans!

  1. Keep everything going that’s going now (so don’t worry if you only visit one section, it’ll still be here)
  2. More movie reviews and theories…because I love them!
  3. Planner stuff…did I mention my new planner? 😉 I’m in love!
  4. Reorganise recipes; including adding new ones of my own (2019 is the year to try new stuff)
  5. An additional section on the Education page for resources and ideas for activities
  6. Craft stuff
  7. I’m sure there was something else….but that’ll do to be getting on with. 🙂

I have also set my follower goal to 500, I know based on the numbers this year that should be easily achievable but I still can’t take in that so many of you lovely people want to read the stuff that comes out of my head! Thanks!! ❤

Let me know which new development you’re most looking forward to or anything you’d like to see…I want you to be happy when you visit here.

Have a safe New Year’s Eve and a blessed 2019!

Anna x


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