Happy 2019 Peeps!

Today is the last day of freedom for a lot of people, so I intend to make the most of the day with movies, fun and games and starting new habits/goals.

I seriously considered taking the decorations down today, but I like the tree lights! In all honesty, (as anyone who knows me will testify) the phrase “right, that’s done…what’s next?”  often leaves my lips. Even though I love Christmas (did you know that? LOL) I have been know to get few up Boxing day or the day after and want to remove it all…. I’m not a ‘leave it as long as possible’ kind of person. I have to say I didn’t have the feeling quite so early this year…perhaps 29th…suggests we had a good couple of days after Christmas. 🙂

I usually end up leaving it though, either for visitors coming or just to have the lights on New Year’s Eve,

The thing is,  we don’t actually have traditions for today. Some are lazy movie-watching, junk-eating days; some New Year’s we have full-on family dinners almost like Christmas again; some years we’ve worked…. but we’re all together and thankful for the year we’ve had.

I’m going to start the day with shower, breakfast and a chat with Mr.B about our 2019 goals! Sounds like a good start to me. 🙂

What are you up to today? Do you have any New Year traditions?… Oh and when do you take your decs down?

Have a good one

Anna x


2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. The outside lights came down yesterday afternoon.
    The tree came down today-this morning.
    I LOVE how clean the house looks after everything has been safely packed away and stored in the loft. The vacuum cleaner has been put to use, and the duster has done it’s job.

    I love Christmas (although the offerings on Christmas TV left a lot to be desired this year!) but I love that fabulous clean house feeling after it’s all over and done.

    Happy New Year Anna. May this year bring you blessings you didn’t know you’d like, and a few you hoped and wished for.
    Much love ~ Cobs .xxx

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