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Howdy Peeps!

So if you’ve been here any length of time, you’ll know I’m a wannabe Blue Peter presenter…I love making stuff! If you read any of my Christmas posts you know I like to plan ahead too…so when I discovered YouTube videos about planner decorating, I knew I had to!

So I added a planner to my Christmas list and (thanks Mum) I received it…I’m already in love.

Here it is:


This beauty is an A5, 6-hole planner. It came with the pen in the picture and 2 types of insert (to-do lists and monthly planners). You can buy them in different colours from Amazon for like half the price of similar Carpe Diem ones!


I was going to buy or make a month-on-2-pages overview but these are lovely and so I’ve kept them and Tippexed out the headers on the front (middle picture).

In the last picture You can see I also made dividers from card I already had…theme is rapidly becoming ‘planning on a budget’ as I also ‘borrowed’ Mr.B’s lined paper and cut some down to size. 😉

I wanted a week-on-2-pages spread to have room to decorate (the idea being that the prettier it is, you want to use it more….and it satisfies the Blue Peter urge!) and got one as a free download from a YouTuber!

I’m far from matching my inspiration Crafty Girl (seriously, if you want ideas, click that link to her top 20!! I LOVE the top 2!) but I’ve attempted 2 spreads so far…just finding my feet. Believe me I have plenty of ideas, just trying to make them reality.

My first is new year themed using a sticker set from Ashley K on Etsy.


And for next week I googled and printed my own pictures for a Batman theme,,, (the page flags are not part of it, just covering private info for pictures)


So what do you think? Would you like to see more? have you got any planner ideas to share?

Thanks for indulging me in my planner fan-girling 😉

Have a good one!

Anna x



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