Gift Recipe Round-Up

Hey-ho Saturday/Epiphany Peeps!

Having dealt with Christmas and New Year’s, The shops are straight onto Valentine’s and Easter. Think you’ve had enough food? Ne too, but by Valentine’s I might be tempted. So I thought I’d share some recipes that can be used as gifts for any holiday/special occasion.

Jenny at This Tiny Blue House shared this Valentine’s Truffles recipe yesterday…wow! I’d happily receive any of those 30 types (yes 30!) for any reason!

I also saw these cookies from What’s For Dinner Moms. They are Christmas ones but she (quite rightly) says she isn’t going to confine them to the run-up to Christmas….these would make a great gift/treat for guests whenever!

Food gifts don’t have to be sweet treats, giving someone a meal can be a great way to help and bless them. I love Chilli and this veggie one from Simply Recipes would be a great one to give to literally anyone. (I’ll have 2 if you’re offering!) 🙂

Along the same lines, the Chicken Tortellini Soup from Andrea‘s site Cooking With a Wallflower would be a great gift meal…especially for people who’ve been ill or as a quick meal for new parents.

My Gift Recipe staples are:

So that’s enough to be getting  on with, but rest assured there are many, many more.

Happy Cooking!

Anna x


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