Encouraging Without Pushing

G’day Friday Peeps!

It’s hard not to turn into the pushy, over-competitive Mum. Especially when it comes to learning because that’s my thing.

My daughter is currently in the middle of Mid-Term exams (and is largely unimpressed with the whole thing, like every other pupil I’ve spoken to!).

I have been reminding her to study some nights, but mostly she gets on and does it. At the end of the day, it’s up to her if she wants to pass and achieve. To be honest, she pushes herself much more than I did at her age!

The fact is that her positive attitude to learning comes from years of gentle reinforcement; I don’t have to say a thing now because she knows she’s expected to try her best and that her effort and attitude are more important than the grades.

She’s now at the age where schools, colleges and universities are offering her opportunities to attend workshops, lectures and get free info/useful stuff. I want her to take every opportunity and try new things, but I have to remember that making her go could have the opposite effect. Recently, she turned down a languages trip, but accepted the offer of a criminal sociology lecture and the opportunity to stay in a local uni’s halls of residence for a night in the holidays to ‘try it out’. I’m thrilled, but they were entirely her decisions. I listened and signed stuff I had to, but she decided before I said anything.

It’s not easy to balance it. We’re still learning, still trying boundaries and expanding what we know about teen life (because it’s changed a bit since we were there!). The important thing is that she’s happy and trying her best.

How do you deal with it? Are you looking at Uni and colleges?

Have a great Friday!

Anna x


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