My Week Update

Hello January Peeps!

It’s still January…seems a long time since Christmas and we’re still trying to get into new routines and habits.

I may have had a bit too much chocolate last week, but exercise saved me and I still lost 1lb and another inch off my waist…I love these Lucy Wyndham-Read exercises!

I’m trying to get a wider range of healthy food, buying fruit and cereal bars and yogurts we don’t usually try and some of them have been gorgeous.

Also, I’ve been finding my feet more with my planner and have more spreads to show you! ❤

I love this gaming one…my daughter thinks it’s hilarious that I call Tetris and Pacman gaming!

Then I had these gorgeous puppies and the paw-print washi tape from Etsy…I’m in love! 😍

I’ve also started teaching new pupils…who are so small and cute after the big kids I’m used to.

Mr.B has been busy at work and the teenager is in the middle of mid-term tests, but they seem to be coping with it all.

We’ve been trying to add in fun nights of games and movies too to get some time out. It’s been fun.

Life is busy but good. How are all of you doing?

Take care,

Anna x


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