Time Management 101

Helloooo Saturday Peeps!

I had a lovely long chat with my daughter last night (seriously, it was like 1am!). She’s trying to organise her life because she has a lot more going on now.

So I thought I’d share with y’all what we talked about regarding time management for students.

  1. Prioritise: What’s most important? What needs to go? Is there anything else you want/need to start? (She’s ditched 2 or 3 things last term but has picked up 2 new ones.) The key to this is differentiating between want and need…because, let’s be honest, who wants to do Maths revision?…But it is necessary.
  2. See what time you have available…there’s no point planning 4 hours of study on a night when you have music practice or work.
  3. Following on from point 2, schedule your down-time! Rest is necessary. Your optimum study time is 50 mins with up to 20 mins break before the next one.
  4. Start early: It takes (on average) 2-3 months to go up a whole grade level, but I’m sure no student needs me to tell them they should be studying year-round. My daughter also wants a new job and was going to wait for the summer season, but there may be an advantage to starting sooner; the initial stress of learning new things and getting to know new colleagues will be over and her shift pattern established before the major studying begins.
  5. Find a method that works for you: Calendar, phone reminders, planner/bullet journal, spreadsheet or a good old notebook and pen…just write it all down so you can see what’s needed when. This is not limited to students, this is a life skill! You can put anything on paper (or screen) from bills to birthdays to tests…..just make sure you’re gonna use it.
  6. Focus on the big picture: What reward will you get at the end? What next step can you take if you do this? How will you feel when this is done? That should be motivation enough.


I hope that helps! Have fun planning.

Anna x


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