What Does Healthy Mean To You?

Happy Sunday Peeps!

Y’all know I’m trying to get healthy, and if you read yesterday’s post Time Management 101, you’ll also know we’re trying new routines.

Our new routines include more exercise, work and general effort but could the routine itself be good for us?

Having productive habits, a focused goal and healthy routine are all good for mental health (as the organisation can reduce stress).

Also, the cleaning aspects of our new routine benefit our health because the place is more hygienic (not that it was unhygienic before, but you know what I mean) and again, the mental stress is alleviated because the house is clean and clutter-free (almost) so our brains our more peaceful.

Speaking of peaceful, time built into the routine to meditate and worship will also help with spiritual/mental health.

Was just thinking about that all this morning, so I thought I’d share…what do you think?

Have a peaceful day,

Anna x



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