Healthy Recipe Ideas

Hey-ho Peeps!

Now I’m 3 weeks into new year’s health plan and looking for more healthy recipe ideas (please share if you have any).

Last year I shared this blog; Healthy Eating, which seems a good place to start.

I love a good salad, but get into a groove of the same 2 or 3…but I just found this selection of salad ideas from Tesco! Totally trying some of these, like ASAP!

I’m totally an avocado fan, so I’ve gone hunting for recipes and found this recipe for avocado cheese pockets. Ummm… YES. PLEASE!

Another of my fave ‘healthier foods’ is hummus…in all forms, flavours and with almost anything to dip into it, so of course I had to go find recipes for that too….I found this Food Network post on how to use it in actual meals and not just as a dip. 🙂

So now I’ve made myself hungry, I’m gonna head off for breakfast.

Have a good one peeps!

Anna x


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