Weight Loss Journey

Howdy Peeps!

Statistically most people will have broken one (or all) of their resolutions by now. I don’t want to be one of them but have been forced to by illness.

I know my weight shifts fastest when I exercise and it has been shifting for the first couple of weeks this month, but this week I’ve had such bad sinuses that I can’t breathe if I exercise (did try 2 days). My weight stayed the same this week so at least I didn’t gain any.

The difference is my attitude. Before this year, if I blew it with a diet or failed to exercise for a couple of days I would feel miserable and eat junk…probably giving up completely.

Now, although I do feel kinda rough, I feel positive. I’m still eating healthily, walking (slowly so I can breathe) and am ready to go when I can breathe again.

I think the change in attitude was needed, but the timing has to be right. Mentally you have to be ready to battle the big things in your life. I’m ready and have clear goals and an action plan…the second this sinus problem goes, I’m on it!

How are you doing with your resolutions? What motivates you? (Also, if you have any good sinus treatment ideas, they’d be gratefully received!)

Have fun and stay focused!

Anna x



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