Random Stuff and Thank You’s

Happy Sunday Peeps!

I have a few random things to tell you about planning and blogging and life generally, so I thought I’d smush it all together for you.

First thing; Yesterday I promised I’d share my latest spread from my planner but I was waiting on washi tape to arrive. Well it came just before I went to work…Yay! If you want some planner stuff then this washi came from Planner Planet UK (on Etsy) and I highly recommend them. It was a good price, was shipped the day I ordered and came within 48 hours

So here’s my Alice in Wonderland spread with Teapot washi.


I think this is my fave so far (I went kinda nuts with the box filling, but it seems to work). I printed the images, bought the wash and used stickers and paper I had already. The appropriately insane pen was new stock at work yesterday…I just had to!

OK, next thing: Yesterday I got to a great number of WordPress followers- one for every day of the year! (Which, with followers through other media, gives me a grand total of 410!!) Thank you all so much…it’s like a little daily dose of good news when someone follows or comments on my blog….you’re all so lovely!

Thirdly, I was thinking of adding a weekly feature…I know several people who blog or vlog a weekly thing like Friday fun-days or weekly round-ups or facts/stories/progress on a project…would you be interested in that or shall I keep to my random ‘as I remember to tell you’ format?? Open to suggestions. Still working on a few changes (have you noticed the new page photos or the Planner Page?) What do you think?

So thanks again and have a fab day!

Anna x


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