Parenting Almost-Grow-Ups

Howdy Peeps!

Been crazy here today so I apologise for late post.

I started busy and over-booked my morning. I’ve been waking the teenager up half hour earlier this term as she wanted to have tine for yoga and Spanish revision. To start with it was a struggle (for both of us) but this last week she’s getting straight up and getting on.

The problem I have is that she’s now ready for breakfast before me…she just gets on and does it, it feels weird.

I’m so proud to watch the growing process every day and it makes me excited for the future. I”m thrilled she’s growing up to be responsible and capable, but kinda miss the ‘mummy will you…’

I know it’s silly and I should be pleased (and I am)  but it reminds me that she’ll soon be totally independent. I’m basically just sharing the fact that I’m trying not to be a blubbering wreck every time my baby does something remotely grown up! LOL! 🙂

How do all you parents of teens manage it?

Anna x


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