Skin Product Review

Hello Peeps!

We have interesting skin in this house. I have a teen with very sensitive skin and I have PCOS so my skin goes from teenage-acne to dry to goodness-knows-what depending on my hormones (Yay for being unbalanced). So we both struggle with toiletries but for different reasons.

Santa brought the teenager several skin products to try. She tried this one but it’s a bit strong for her young skin, however it works brilliantly for me!

Image for My Skin Matters Clarifying Facial Wash 150ml from Sainsbury's

This face wash is from Sainsbury’s ‘My Skin Matters’ range.

I liked it so much, that when I went looking for moisturiser, (as part of my New Year’s ‘looking after myself’ thing) I thought I’d try this too:

Image for My Skin Matters On-The-Go Hand Cream 30ml from Sainsbury's

This is their travel-sized hand cream…it’s £1!! It does the job and fits in my make up bag….I should add though that it does smell like home hair colour, but as long as you don’t eat straight after, you should be fine…it settles into skin quickly enough.

We also try to buy cruelty free where possible and our council doesn’t accept black plastic for recycling…we’re trying to phase out the black so it doesn’t end up in the rubbish. So these products check both those boxes, they’re budget-friendly and they work.

I just thought it was worth a mention, especially to those on a budget who want to buy ethical products.

Let me know if you try their products….I’m certainly going to try more of the range.

Anna x


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