Faith In Humanity Restored

Hellooooooo Peeps!

Very exciting here as school’s closed for bad weather! The thing is, many people were not so happy as the snow came in yesterday during home-time rush-hour.

However, most people are cheerful and getting on with it. There have been numerous stories of farmers with tractors pulling cars, people offering hot food, drink or bedding.

2 friends of mine were stranded in different places, one was given tyre covers by a man who had less distance to travel and another made it to a roadside cafe who stayed open all night for those seeking refuge.

It just makes me happy to see people working together and showing love….God bless them!

Also, I’m praying that the stranded people all get home safely….so many people have been praying for each other; it’s lovely.

God bless y’all

Anna x


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