Budget Update: Real Life

Hello Monday Peeps!

I’m far too hyper for a Monday morning, maybe because it’s the 17th anniversary of our engagement….aww I love the old man! 😉

I thought I’d give you a budget update; January is a pain in the butt, but we knew it would be so it’s OK.

I have 3 savings pots that I aim to put about £10 per week in. These are for 3 different goals, but the closest one is Christmas, so I’m allowing plenty of time.

I knew that the first week was a no-go as I wasn’t back at work til the 8th (late back to school this year weren’t they!)

Knowing that we have a couple of big expenses to come, I suspended one pot until this month. So I was working with 2.

I got one savings pot set up with online banking and another with a cash tin. (There was one larger payment to the account from an old savings scheme, so I’m counting that for January’s payments.) I have added to the cash tin regularly, but was £3 short of my goal for the month, and I borrowed a fiver for something short-notice last week, but I  put £3 back in. So overall I’m only a fiver short this month. 🙂 Not bad for January!

If I was saving for a certain purchase or experience, I’d be cross at being £5 down. However, it’s my Christmas fund I don’t have an amount I need, just one I’m aiming for. I can probably add that £5 later on in the year, but if not then it’s not even 20p per person from my Christmas list, so I doubt it’d matter. Sometimes you have to remind yourself of that and look at how far you’ve come.

How are your goals going? Is your budget on track? I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great day!

Anna x


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