Planner Tips

Howdy Peeps,

Having only started at the end of last year, I’m no expert. However, I’ve picked up a few tips along the way to help with planning, so here they are:

  1. Find inspiration. Watching YouTube videos gave me the idea for my first spread and helped me decide on the layout I wanted (I have vertical WO2P spreads).
  2. Research: check prices and styles of what you want in multiple places, some things are cheaper on Etsy, some on Amazon, Some on Ebay. (Or in an actual shop.)
  3. Think outside the box. Literally when decorating, but I actually meant when shopping. I picked up some great stuff in Toymaster and the Hospice Charity shop.
  4. Make your own: Use free printables or google images or even craft from scratch. Often it’s cheaper and it’s good fun!
  5. Buy a bit at a time. Etsy sellers often give freebies and discount codes so you can then get your next lot of decor cheaper or free.
  6. Get functional stickers. For my planner to still function as an organiser, getting bill stickers, checklists and work-related stickers were important to me….and I’ve used them most days since.
  7. Use Post-it notes! Great tip from a YouTuber, put things in provisionally so they can be changed without wrecking your spread.

I think that’s enough to be getting on with, I’m sure there’ll be a part 2 to this.


Have a great day!

Anna x

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