Family Traditions

Helloooooooooooo Peeps!

Happy Waitangi Day to New Zealand and Happy Birthday to my baby girl!!!! I don’t quite know how I got to have a child this grown up, but it’s lovely! ❤

I was just removing the cat from the birthday things I have out on the table (yes, again) and it got me thinking; are the things we do for birthdays weird to anyone else? I know friends and wider family who do things completely different to us, so I’ll share with you and see what you think.


We have our stuff on the breakfast table. We put cards (and gifts that will fit) on the breakfast table to open at breakfast time. I don’t think this is weird, it’s just convenient when we have to go to work and school after breakfast. However, a lot of people set up in the lounge. We have in previous years (particularly if it’s a weekend or the prezzies are too big) but the table thing is normal to us.

Treats for Breakfast. We have special breakfasts and usually some Cadbury’s fingers, because a special occasion like Christmas, Easter or birthdays calls for chocolate biscuits at breakfast. 😉 Today we have croissants and a red velvet cupcake for me to stick a candle in….sshhh don’t tell her!

Birthday Eeyore! I love him. When I was little my Mum has a little mouse with a birthday flag that came out on everyone’s birthday to mark the place setting of the birthday person. So years ago when my daughter was like 3, I got this little birthday Eeyore as a gift and knew instantly that I’d use him like mum’s mouse. He’s old, scruffy and faded but that just adds to the charm and the memories.(We have stopped putting him on the plate for hygiene reasons, but he’s happy sat on a place-mat or charger.)

So what are your traditions? Do you have a special plate or decoration? Do you always have prezzies in the morning?

I hope y’all have a great day, I’m sure we will!

Anna x




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