Why Brain, Why?

Morning Monday Peeps!

I am in fully-functioning Monday mode (i.e. not functioning at all).

My brain asks random questions when I’m half asleep, so I thought I’d share a few examples of ones that amused me…hope they amuse you too. 🙂

First thought: “What’s that whistling sound?” It was me breathing, sinuses still… next thought: “Why is only the left-hand side blocked… is it a medical thing? Is it to do with being left-handed or previous damage that side? Can both sides be whistling and still breathe properly?…. Is it just me?” LOL. Now I’m closer to consciousness I don’t really care and it probably is just me…I like to be different. 😉

*I say I don’t care, but would still happily read any answer you may offer.*


After thinking about boring stuff like paperwork and laundry I have to do today, my mind skipped off to fruitcake land again. A friend of mine shared a video of geese following a marching band of Facebook, very cute and funny. It got me thinking…”Do geese have ears?”…I concluded they must at least have holes, then wondered what they’d look like with human ears….it gets worse…I then found myself wondering if you could get little joke ears on goose-sized headbands (like the elf ones for humans). I concluded this little saunter through looney-land by deciding on the materials to make my own, before returning to the real world to deal with breakfast dishes.

I sometimes have more sane ideas, like the next blog instalments (I am working on a follow-up to yesterday’s Jurassic news and a Disney-Pixar appreciation post to name but a few.)

I promise I’m not totally nuts (almost, but not totally) and it can be a great creative process. I thank you all for putting up with my madness; if you’ve survived this far, give yourself a medal!

Hopefully, it made you smile and you’ll benefit from the genuinely good ideas in the future!

Happy Monday Peeps!

Anna x



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