For The Love Of Disney-Pixar

Happy Valentine’s Day Peeps!

So sorry about lack of post yesterday. So tired and busy…I genuinely believed I’d done it until about 7pm when I checked my stats, so sorry about that!

So anyway, I was watching Monsters Inc. the other morning… I really, really love John Goodman’s voice, always have… I love Sully (probably in part because he has JG’s voice) and I love swing/jazz/blues style music.

So the song “if I didn’t have you” for the end credits just gives me all the feels. ❤

After having a good sing-song to that, I then started the very similar stylings of “you’ve got a friend in me” from Toy Story.

Realising this I started thinking about other Disney-Pixar songs; the most obvious in the same swing category has to be Robie singing “somewhere beyond the sea” for Finding Nemo. This was around the same time as his Swing when you’re Winning album…so we were already in love with Robbie’s swing. ❤


There are dozens more (possibly enough to warrant a second blog post 😉 but I just wanted to share these gorgeous, uplifting songs to make you smile and to show all the love for the genius collabs that come from the Disney-Pixar studios. Long may it continue!

Have a good one,

Anna x


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