Planner Spread Ideas

Howdy Peeps!

When I last spoke about my planner I had just done my Alice in Wonderland spread (which I love) but I’ve been busying myself with things like pens and checklists and other generic planning stuff.

I’ve got a few weeks of ideas mapped out and have started some spreads, but none are finished enough to show you, but here are the ideas I’m running with:

  • Beauty and the Beast (for the week when it’ll be 2 years since we saw the live-action version…yes, 2 years…really!).
  • Music…I found some cool stickers so I went with those.
  • Rainbows. Local shop has really cute rainbow stuff, there are stickers and page flags and pens,,, just so cute. Also, it may leave me some for my 80s theme later on (if you remember 80s kids TV: Rainbow Brite. Enough said.)
  • Monsters Inc. because it’s still my fave Pixar film, as you will know if you read yesterday’s post For The Love Of Disney-Pixar.
  • Easter. 


So that’s where I’m heading, I hope you’re looking forward to seeing them! If you need theme ideas, feel free to pilfer mine 🙂 and don’t forget to share yours.

Anna x


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