Film Theories and Easter Eggs

Howdy Monday Peeps!

I love a good film theory and love looking for hidden “Easter eggs” in films…of course Disney is king when it comes to both of these as there are always hidden Mickeys and such to find…I love it!

So I saw a YouTube theory thatthe blue fairy/star from Pinocchio could be the star/Evangeline from the Princess and the Frog. Not too much of a stretch as the latter is also wished upon.

**Spoiler warning if you haven’t seen princess and the frog:

When Ray goes to be with Evangeline there are 2 stars in the sky (*sob*)… I couldn’t help notice that they look exactly like the stars in Peter Pan.

I’ve not heard anyone theorize this, so forgive me if you heard it; they could be those same stars. The princess and the frog is set in 1920s and Peter Pan is never given a date (just early 1900s) so they exist within the same generation at least.

If you are adamant that Peter Pan is first, then Evangeline/blue fairy could still be the ‘second star on the right’ and someone else (or even just a different star) could have been there before Ray. Logical as Pinocchio was definitely pre-1900s.

Either way, it was a nice nod to Peter Pan- probably an intentional Easter egg- and that got me thinking about the similarities between that and the Princess and the Frog.

So let’s go through them;

  • Obviously, the stars and wishing on them.
  • The whole green theme.
  • The golden colour of magic and flying lights (tink and fireflies).
  • The whole comical reptile thing (Mr.crocodile and Louis the alligator)
  • The stubborn boy who doesn’t want to grow up…and at a stretch neither has parents (well Naveen’s disowned him but showed up for the happy ending).
  • There’s a blonde who gets jealous easily…spoiled brats the pair of them, but both still value their bestie…Aww sweet.
  • Love triangles.
  • They are both animated Disney musicals, loosely based on popular stories.
  • There are both real-world city settings and more magical wooded areas.
  • Both Tiana and the Darling family have patient, supportive mothers.

At best these are coincidence or well-placed Easter eggs, but Disney know now that people look for them and create theories…so maybe they want is to think about the connection a bit more.

Not Peter Pan related, but the wishes in both Pinocchio and the Princess and the Frog come true! (Both wished by innocent, hard-working people who probably deserved their answers…there’s a lesson in that somewhere).

Just thought I’d share my little film theory/analysis/egg hunt with you. ..Happy star-wishing!

Anna x


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