Successes and Decisions

Hi-de-hi Peeps!

Lovely day here, feels like spring! 😊

Yesterday’s spring clean was successful (I didn’t do the utility but I did put the laundry away, so it’s tidier if not cleaned out, all the rest of the place is done.) Woohoo!

Next thing; I’ve made a big decision. The weight loss thing is going really slowly as my time to exercise has been somewhat limited the last couple of weeks, so I was thinking about a sugar detox I saw online (it’s safe, done research an read a book…don’t panic). I always give something up for lent, which starts on 6th March this year, and so for lent I’m going to do this no sugar thing.

I am allowed sweet fruit in natural form but not shop bought juices, spreads, bars etc.

All added sugar (basically all processes food) and any white carbs (sugar, bread, potatoes ) are a no-go area.

It’s basically a Daniel plan/paleo/raw food/blood sugar/low carb/low GI mash up.

It will be hard but it’ll be interesting…I hope you guys find it interesting, I will do updates through lent- but not everyday as I don’t want to bore you to tears! Normal blogs will continue… well, normal for round here! πŸ˜‰

By telling you, You are helping me to be accountable and stick to it (thanks)… so I guess now I’ve told you I’m committed! eek! 😲

Have a good one peeps!

Anna x


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