Proud to be Cornish!

Howdy Peeps! Happy Friday!

Apparently, it would’ve been Steve Irwin’s birthday today…so sad he went so soon, but his family are doing him proud! RIP Steve.

I’m not actually Cornish, but feel like I should be…we’ve been here almost 4 years and I can’t think of a single bad thing about it.

I’m so proud of the community here… I think I mentioned earlier in the month that our local radio station Pirate FM were collecting food for the foodbanks. They asked listeners to help collect a tonne of tins by the end of February, well we’re currently at 12 tonnes! Well done Cornwall, well done!

Nick Knowles has also shown support for this while the DIY SOS team have been in Cornwall remodelling a house this week (for our friends across the pond it’s a British version of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition). Again, this project relied on Cornish people giving their time, money, materials and such to make it happen…and it did! So many locals being so helpful and loving and giving…I’m so proud! Full story here.

Even closer to home, Bude has been the first town here to provide a free water refill station! We now have a drinking fountain and bottle refill station at the end of town nearest the beach car park. The idea is that people won’t buy plastic water bottles and leave them around polluting the place. I can’t begin to tell you how awesome this is…I love it!  (News article here and I’ll share the story and pictures on my Facebook page.)

So please join me in applauding these amazing people.

Have a great day,

Anna x



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