Random Blah

Howdy Peeps!

Firstly, welcome back to school to those who have been on half term holidays, we are now halfway through the school year…Hooray!

Secondly, it’s 10 months until Christmas (yes, I said it and no, I have no shame). If you think it’s too early, then maybe you want to read some of my posts about Christmas budgeting (like the one here) because 10 months can go very quickly when you’re trying to save!

Thirdly, my YouTube reviews will be up tomorrow as requested but I think I forgot to mention that my reviews will include the film “Life of the Party.” I am trying to spread them out, so in between my entertainment reviews, you can look forward to recipes, planner ideas, faith stuff, education news and some more budgeting advice (aside from the saving for Christmas I just mentioned).

If you’re really lucky you may even get some more of this randomness that spills out of my brain! 😉

Random fact of the day: JFK’s Grandma out-lived him and yet never found out about his death. (Thank you Fact Maniac…follow him on social media for more randomness.)

So I’ll see you tomorrow with my YouTube review.

Laters Peeps, have a good one!

Anna x


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