YouTube Review

Howdy Peeps!

I promised a YouTube review, so here it is.

Soooo many videos, so little time.

I started watching YouTube for lesson clips and research, the first video I ever used was an old Guinness advert which showed evolution in reverse; used for an R.E. lesson on religion and evolution…great fun.

I then started watching parenting and teaching videos, like SuperNanny and then discovered smaller Youtubers that talked about parenting, budgeting and such, you know- real life stuff.

A couple of years ago I started using it for entertainment; finding oldTV episodes and comedy clips (we played the Harry Enfield teenager sketch for our daughter when she was approaching 13- LOL).

I also like the factual, cooking, crafting and conspiracy theory videos. So I think it best to tell you my favourites and try to give you a few in each category:


Get Toasted 91 play a lot of Michael McIntyre…. I love it for that, but the channel has other comedy too.

Lee Evans now has an official YouTube channel….oh how I miss him, this is a welcome snippet of the best comedy! (obviously most of it is for over-15s, you have been warned).

Carle Taner- Jonathan Creek these kept me going when we couldn’t afford a tv license; I used to watch episodes back to back on YouTube. I love him.

Safiya Nygaard should probably have a category all of her own. Her and Tyler are funny and will try anything, her most popular videos are about using questionable fashion choices in real life! She also does genuine reviews and vlogs too.

Theories and Facts:

Super Carlin Brothers are the best thing on YouTube! They are lovely lads with family-friendly content (mostly film theories, reviews and quizzes). They prove you’re never too old for Disney or “kids books/movies”. They also have gaming and vlog channels.

Klayton Fioriti and Jeremy James Prutchick are the buzz-words in Jurassic Park stuff. Klayton seems to know stuff before anyone else and they are both completely die-hard fans, even doing some collab videos together…bonus!

Matt Santoro is a recent addition to my viewing list, He is Fact Maniac of social media, he’s hilarious. The facts are amazing and you can search a whole host of themes. Just check the videos before letting kids see as some are like mythical creatures which may be scary.

Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theories are from the weirdest part of the internet. Definitely not for younger viewers as his language is.. erm…. ‘colourful’. I like the Mandela Effect ones but some of his videos I won’t watch and some are just ridiculous, be careful what you watch.

The Edge of Wonder was brilliant. Their earlier videos were scientific research into random theories like multiverse and flat Earth stuff, but recently they’ve got this guy called David Wilcock on there…I think he may need a tin foil hat. Shame, it was interesting before…but that’s just my opinion…feel free to watch and make up your own mind.

Mum stuff:

Jamerrill Stewart does amazing meal planning and freezer-cooking videos. She does honest home-school mum vlogs including everything from grocery shopping to budgeting, schooling to baby care. She has 8 lovely kids, so I guess she’s an expert! 🙂

The Family Fudge- Bunches of Lunches: The Family Fudge are a family vlog (showing shopping, budgeting and holidays) but they’re popular for the Bunches of Lunches series. Mum makes packed lunches in fun themes for the 3 kiddos. They also discuss trying new things and give honest reviews.

SuperNanny The original Jo Frost has her own channel with full episodes and clips, I need to say no more. 🙂

Everything Mom is a smaller channel discussing the care of young children and looking after the home. She’s lovely and shares her experiences, promoting discussion on real issues.

The Cooper Fam is another of my fave channels. I actually found them when Mr.B and I were discussing becoming foster carers (we’d still like to one day). They have been through a lot as a family; fostering, adoption, fertility issues and multiple losses. They are so lovely and so honest you can’t help but like them.

Family Vlogs:

J House Vlogs MY ABSOLUTE FAVES! a proper family vlog covering literally everything. They are very open and informative about their family, home, finances, schooling, health and everything else. They are currently living in Puerto Rico and it’s lovely to watch them using the beautiful setting to give their children an education and life experience.

Earls Family Vlogs are a close second. Similar to J House, they share so much. They have recently set up a foundation! They are using their community resources to help families in poverty. Such love and so inspiring.

A Fostered Life is specifically about being foster carers, but much of the advice applies to all children (like healthy eating and behaviour management) so it’s an interesting watch.

Kalyn & Robert have another family vlog I found through foster research. Now they have a little girl of their own who has very complexed medical issues. Their pregnancy journey and the medical info they share now are fascinating, inspiring and I’m sure they would help people in a similar situation. They were the first to alert me to the fact that YouTube is demonetizing and turning comments off on videos with children in, which is great for child protection, but they need to work with families who use vlogging as an income…just be aware.

Money/budget Shopping:

Dave Ramsey the king of budgeting. He has a live show and takes questions if you need help. The advice is amazing, but he tells it straight. I love it, but some people find him brash… just so you know.

Do It On A Dime gives us budgeting, Dollar Tree hauls and DIYs and amazing (cheap) storage solutions.

(Cheap) Crafty Girl is the queen of Dollar Tree DIYs, news and reviews. She will not pay out for things she can get there. I love her.

Sierra Schultzzie Another newbie on my list doing fashion, fitness and shopping reviews on her channel. She talks about style, sizing and quality in a way that promotes getting the best value for money.

Jordan Page, Fun Cheap or Free As it says on the tin. Another Dollar Tree fan with craft, decor and gift ideas.

Random other stuff:


Tasty recipe videos for literally anything…go and have a look and get lost in the flow of ideas.

So Yummy more treat-based. A great idea if you’re looking for party food.

The Icing Artist is a sweetie and sooooooooooo amazing to watch. Some even seem doable for the less artistic among us.

Wheezy Waiter and his wife try all sorts of things, but I found them recently doing the no sugar challenge. They did it and their findings are really interesting.


Crafts& Planner Stuff:

5 Minute Crafts give craft and hack videos with no words, just visuals to follow. Great for ideas.

The Frugal Crafter is much like Crafty Girl or Do It On A Dime; great DIYs and gift/decor ideas.

(Cheap) Crafty Girl/Crafty Girl Vlogs As well as her Dollar Tree stuff, she has epic planner videos…the very ones that inspired me to start planning. Lots of ideas and often using great value materials.

Planning With Bumble One lady and her dog working through planner videos with themes, hints and tips.

Anna Brim we have a lot more in common than our names.



Lucy Wyndham-Read I’ve mentioned before. I love her videos. They work brilliantly.

Pop Sugar Fitness are more traditional aerobics but still worth a go.

Worship Music:

Matt Redman is amazing and wrote many of the worship songs popular with the church today. Sooooooooo worth a listen as you can feel the Spirit move.

Dance Like Kings are the proof Christians aren’t boring! I challenge you to sit still through “Like Kings Do”…I bet you can’t! this is most definitely life-celebrating music.

I also watch, or rather listen to, music videos and movie soundtracks but don’t have a specific channel I use for that because it could be anything from Disney to Sweet Charity, Greatest Showman to Danse Macabre. I guarantee you can find music you like on YouTube.

As a final note, YouTube Premium: I’ve seen stuff advertised that looks interesting. A payment per film or series is a good idea so people don’t pay a fortune for TV packages that get them into debt, but I have enough choice thanks (and the ads are kind of annoyingly frequent). I’m sure it’ll make them a fortune and some people will love it, but I’m good thanks.

If you have an opinion on any of these (even premium) or a channel you want to share, then please comment below.

Thanks for requesting this blog, I hope it’s given you something new to watch.

Happy viewing!

Anna x


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