Howdy Weekend Peeps!

I think it might be spring! We had glorious sunshine last week, the daffodils, crocuses and primroses are lining my way to work, and it’s almost Lent. (We’ll talk about Lent again, I’m a bit nervous.)

Despite the brief showers these last few days, it’s definitely nicer than the heavy snow we had this time last year!

I actually have today off (Woohoo!) to have birthday lunch with mum… mum’s birthday also says spring to me… as we are leaving the rest of the family here, we’ll buy them some pasties, it is Pasty week you know.

The reason Cornwall goes extra nuts with the pasties this week is that it’s the run-up to St Piran’s day on Tuesday. So we’re celebrating all things Cornish! In fact, if you’re down this way, the Eden Project has a whole Cornish food and drink celebration this weekend…great day out if you can.

So I’m gonna scoot off now and get ready for the day, enjoy the day peeps…and don’t forget to stop and admire the flowers.

Anna x



Photo by Ruxandra Mateiu on Unsplash



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