Umbrella Academy Review

How-do Peeps!

I promised more reviews and this had to be my next one…I love it! But let me explain why.

The Umbrella Academy is a Netflix series of 10 episodes… and immanent filming of season 2! I can’t wait! 😊

The beginning is totally insane about how all these special kids were born on the same day but we don’t know why… I was expecting some kryptonite or stranger things-experimentation thing to explain it…but nope. In fact the whole series probably leaves too many loose ends for those who like tidily wrapped-up stories, but I like a good mystery.

Some eccentric millionaire hears about these children and adopts several of them to train to use their powers….I’m aware I’m basically describing X-men at this point and you will see a lot of similarities (which is fine by me) but this is a little more twisted.

They are definitely more dysfunctional and one, in particular, leads a very hedonistic lifestyle of drink, drugs and generally questionable choices. It’s not one for younger viewers, but when you know why you sort of understand why he uses them to ‘numb the pain’.

Aside from the X-men reference, there are also cross-overs into time-travelling things like Jumpers and a Men In Black-style team.

Basically, the academy kid who can time-hop knows when the world is going to end and enlists the team to help stop it.

The men in black duo come to make it carry on but one is such a sweetie he gets involved and doesn’t want the world to end.

The MiB have a leader and she’s one of those calm-but-psycho parts that’d be fun to play…like the president in the giver or coin in the hunger games.

All these parts are brilliantly acted, there isn’t a single character that seems unnecessary…even the monkey. I’ll let you discover that on your own.

I highly recommend, especially if you’re an X-men fan!


Anna x


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