Survival Mode

Happy Windsday Peeps!

So today’s the first day of Lent. I am refined-carb-free for the next 6 weeks! EEEK! No sugar and no white starch (potatoes, bread, crackers, etc). Doing ok so far…I’ll check in with you as and when. If you know me at all then you’ll know there’s no point me saying “every Wednesday” because I won’t remember. So if I lose weight or struggle with a day/meal, I’ll let you know. I can basically have natural foods that are sweet, (like apples) but not the juice. I can have bread and crackers but they have to be brown/rye and preferably unleavened (so pitta bread and tortillas are preferable). I will let you know any food ideas I discover along the way too. 🙂

Speaking of survival, my ‘baby girl’ and I have been feeling rough the last couple of days and it intrigues me how we deal with it differently. I can’t lay down with a headache but she sleeps it off; she’ll choose a cool cloth on her forehead and I’ll use Deep Heat or a hot water bottle. Just interests me…if anyone knows why, please tell me!

On a more serious note, You’ll probably know I watch Do It On A Dime on YouTube for crafts and money-saving ideas. She did a very brave thing this week and talked about her brother’s suicide. If you have lost someone to suicide, know someone who’s at risk of it or have ever thought about it yourself, then you need to watch this video. It’s hard going but a beautiful tribute and powerful message, I had to share.

Have a blessed day.

Anna x


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