More March Planner Spreads

How-do Peeps!

Just finished some more planner spreads and I thought some of you lovely peeps might want to see:

Simple beauty and the beast theme done with stickers and a few print-outs. I like the dashboard best (like we didn’t know already that the library was the best bit! πŸ˜‰) I even used in in my book themed week.

Couldn’t remember if you saw this one. I had the notes in my craft stuff already and the stickers were 2 sheets for Β£1 in toymaster!!

I love this one. Not quite as full as the Alice in wonderland set but still busy enough that I don’t think the background is boring.

Most of the boxes are from me googling rainbow patterns and printing.

The stickers were toymaster again and the washi/page flags/dashboard card are things I had already. ..can’t wait til 25th to use it!

I hope you have fun with your planning or other hobbies this week. 😊

Anna x


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