Toy Story 4 Trailer

Howdy Peeps!

I was really worried, like many others, that Toy Story 4 was a mistake. There was a perfect trilogy of excellent films following the same formula but different enough to capture the imagination.

When I saw the teaser trailer, I honestly thought it was a joke (y’know, like the fake John Lewis Christmas Ads you get on YouTube every year)… see what you think:


Then a couple of days ago, this happened:


NO. Just NO! I love the Bo Peep and Woody thing. I don’t think her voice is the same, I don’t like the character change and the fact that she’s the one telling Woody not to go back…just so wrong. Not to mention the stupid Spork. What are you doing to me Disney??

Then this morning, I think Super Carlin Brothers saved me. Ben did a video about the possibility of Bo Peep being the bad guy but there’s a plot twist at the end of it, so watch this if you’re nervous:


That at least deals with the Bo Peep issue, but there are many, many more… the spork, the creepy ventriloquist dummies, the formula of Woody leaving the rest and going on a rescue mission (like the other 3 films), the fact that they made it at all when the trilogy ended perfectly…. so many questions. Why Disney, just why?


What do you all think? Will you watch it? Are you looking forward to it?

I’m so confused.

Despite all this chaos in the movie world, I wish you a safe, happy and peaceful Friday.

Anna x


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