A New Perspective

Hello Monday Peeps!

I want to talk money with you.

We’ve discovered something recently, we can afford things we didn’t think we could!

We have our bills covered but, because of my self employment, the other stuff is variable.

Several times recently we’ve had small unexpected expenses (like the kettle blowing up). Things we’ve had to deal with without delay. We had to pay out and yet somehow we had enough money.

We realised that we are used to living on minimal things and scraping to save, but actually we can afford little things with some budget wiggling.

We decided we could afford to replace the kettle and then we talked about if we could afford the matching toaster (something we thought about before but we didn’t spend out at that time).

We went for it. Repeatedly we have said “let’s just do it” and it’s been fine.

Some of it is stepping out in faith, some of it is checking the week ahead’s income and outgoings and some is bargain hunting.

Hear me clearly, I’m not saying we go and impulse-buy big stuff and use out bill money…please don’t do that. I’m just saying that with a bit of planning and a can-do attitude we can get more things sorted than we thought….even things that cost a few quid.

Don’t think lack, think “can I make this work?” More often than not, the answer is yes.

Be smart with your money, be positive/optimistic and plan ahead. You can achieve things sooner than you think!

Have a great Monday,

Anna x


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