In A Crafting Mood

Howdy Peeps!

I’ve been crafting! 🙂

This morning we are making heart-shaped Mother’s day cards at toddler group, so I cut out like 40 of those yesterday.

I’ve been in the shop selling (and buying) Easter craft kits containing the stuff to make pom-pom animals and such like.  There are so many easy ways to make pom-poms now rather than the old card circles, I saw a YouTube crafter wrap wool around a fork to make mini ones- Such a revelation! (Am totally doing that next time I need a pom-pom or two!) Also, I saw a crafter on one of Kirstie Allsopp’s shows use a little device that makes pom-poms (including like two-colour ones and fancy stuff like that). I had a look and you can get them on Amazon really cheaply (affiliate link).

Also, I have done next week’s planner spread…my fave Pixar film; Monsters Inc. I ❤ Sully (largely because he has John Goodman’s voice). It didn’t go exactly how I planned in my head, but Sully’s on it so I’m happy. What do you think?


So what craft projects are you working on/would like to do? I’m always looking for inspiration, so please share!

Have a great day,

Anna x


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