Howdy Thursday Peeps!

My brain’s pulling all kinds of crazy on me… so I’ll share some of the load with you, in case you’re interested.

Firstly, it’s April next week. That means several things to me:

  1. My shop work increases as we go to summer closing times.
  2. It’s the new financial year so most bills will have random one-off prices (so they can be spread equally over the other months) which means I need to check bills and Direct Debits more closely.
  3. It’s almost Easter holidays!
  4. My blog needs paying for the next year….so probably time for changes.

Which brings me nicely to my next point. Blog stuff:

I have a blog post idea for tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday (which is Mother’s day in the UK so go and shop if you haven’t already), but I have 2 other posts to work in somewhere. One of these is the yummiest recipe I’ve had in ages, but the teenager and I adapted it to make it veggie so I need to actually write it down how we did it…still working on that but I’ll share ASAP. Also, I have a new page (half-finished) so watch this space!

As is often the case, I also have dinosaurs on the brain. I just finished that JP4 script, which was awesome…I’ll try to review it for you at some point. Then there’s been a lot of talk this week about Spinosaurus returning for the JW3 movie. I’m not sure I personally need that but it means we get videos like this:

BONUS! 🙂 Jeremy has definitely upped his game with his videos recently, any JP fans out there should go find his channel.

There are also changes going on in our household and personal goals…all good, don’t worry…I’ll update you when I can.

So what I’m basically saying is “watch this space”  as all will be revealed (when I get it in the right order in my head!) 😉

Have a good one peeps, check ya later!

Anna x


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