Ocean’s 8 Review (Finally)

Howdy Peeps!

Sorry it’s taken so long, but here’s my review for Ocean’s Eight (which is currently free to download on Sky Cinema).

If you haven’t seen any of the Ocean’s films, they’re all kinda cool action/heist type films. This is no different….apart from the fact that the whole gang are women.

It’s clever, stylish and brilliantly executed. There comes a point where they’re explaining the heist and you think “is that it? Is it over already?” then there’s a twist. I’m not going to spoil it for you but there’s a lot more going on than first appears.

I think one of the main draws of this is the awesome cast, all of them are powerful women and strong actresses, but some of them you really thought you’d never see in the same film. The main cast includes:

Sandra Bullock

Cate Blanchett

Anne Hathaway

Sarah Paulson


Mindy Kaling


Helena Bonham Carter

Dakota Fanning

and James Corden even has a small role!


Yeah, I know! Huge fan of both Sandra Bullock and Helena B-C anyway. I’m impressed with Rihanna’s acting (personally not a huge fan of her music, but her acting was decent). Had no idea who Awkwafina was (my daughter did) but her character was awesome.

The only thing I found a little unnecessary to the plot was the fact that Sandra Bullock was an Ocean’s girl (sister I think) and visits a memorial plaque at the beginning and end just to tie into the franchise. I really think this film would stand alone as an awesome heist movie.

So, yes I recommend to anyone who has ever enjoyed any vaguely action-type or heist film. The plot is clever enough without hurting your head, good Saturday afternoon viewing.

Have a great one,

Anna x


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