Weight loss and Exercise Update

Howdy Peeps!

I’ve lost 200lbs…April Fool! Seriously though, I thought it was time for an update.

Firstly, we abandoned the sugar-free thing after a week because of the 2 different bugs we’ve had in our house :-/  We have all been trying to eat more healthily and get enough of certain vitamins and minerals.

My scales are not working (showing low battery and I bought wrong ones) so I don’t know my weight right now, but I feel about the same as last week. I did lose another inch from my middle though. 🙂

What I have done is got back into my exercising. I think I told you before but I follow Lucy Wyndham-Read on YouTube and do her workouts.

Next thing for me now (apart from buying batteries) is to up the exercising. I know that’s what helped me lose weight before and I feel the one I’m doing now is getting too easy. I’m either going to do the ones I do twice or find some heavier duty ones…wish me luck.

Are there any home-exercisers out there? What do you do?

Happy Monday everyone!

Anna x


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