Old Music and New Memories

How-do Peeps!

Almost the Easter holidays, but to keep us going, I thought I’d share a fun post.

People have been talking Queen and Abba for the last 6 months because of awesome movie releases; I think it’s great that a whole new generation is appreciating the genius of Queen and Freddie, but that’s not my focus today.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that my lovely in-laws bought me Now Rock ‘n’ Roll on CD for Christmas…There are many awesome songs on it. A particular fave of mine is Chuck Berry’s Johnny B Goode, aside from being a Chuck Berry fan (Roll over Beethoven is on the album too..YAY!) it is also the song Michael J Fox plays in Back To The Future. ❤ (what can I say, I grew up on awesome 80s films.)

However, the song that makes me smile the most is this one


I don’t remember ever hearing it before I had this album, but I love it. As well as making me smile,  you have to admire the pitch range ‘Frogman’ has. I played it to my teenaged daughter recently and we had fun discussing who could recreate it now… we got Mika, Todrick Hall and Brendon Urie as possible contenders if anyone wants to campaign for a remake 😉 but it was a fun discussion!

Speaking of Todrick, my daughter recently introduced me to this. If you don’t know, he does mashups and music videos, puts lyrics to stories and loves to dress the part…he performs, directs writes and edits nearly all of it himself. #respect Entertaining to watch:

A blast from my own past is The Divine Comedy. In my later teens, I really loved them (maybe because I have a slightly sarcastic sense of humour too…).

National Express is one of my favourites, not least because I used to use the coaches for school trips and days out, even to come home from uni in the days when they did still have expensive food on board.

As hilarious as the lyrics are, the older I get the more it makes me nostalgic for a service that changed 20+ years ago! LOL. Still a good listen though:

I said ‘recent memories’ because I do have a more recent one of this song. I often sing/hum/whistle random bits of 20+-year-old songs (people assure me that I’m not the only one) and I started singing this randomly in the shower this morning (hence the blog post).

I was trying to think of the last time I heard it and it was at my parents’ house a couple of months ago: Dad was doing something boring in the kitchen, like emptying the bin or something, and as I walked passed the kitchen door I heard him whistling… I paused and asked if that was ‘National Express’ he was whistling and we both had to get through the rest of the tune to the chorus to decide it was…obviously ingrained in his memory too! 😀 Funny moment that made us both laugh.


So have a listen, smile and think of the upcoming holidays!

Have a good one.

Anna x



Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash


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