Hi-de-hi Peeps!

Firstly, we’re sending our thoughts and prayers to Paris. Notre Dame burning has been so sad, but the unity in song and promises of funds to rebuild have been amazing. I’m thrilled they have saved the bell towers and some of the artefacts and hope they can stabilise the facade.

Secondly, the thing I was going to talk about before Notre Dame caught fire, is that today is Primary Placement day. All over the UK people will be finding out if their children have their first choice of infants/junior school. If you are not happy with the decision it can be appealed, The details of how to appeal will be on your correspondence or on your Local Authority/County Council website.

In other (less important) news, I reached 650 posts yesterday, we watched Mary Poppins Returns-which was fabulous- did some spring cleaning and carried on with our plans for self-improvement/life changes, which I’m sure you’ll hear more about soon.

Have a great day, whatever you do.

Anna x


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