Good Friday Thoughts

Hello Peeps! Happy Good Friday!

As a Christian, my heart was singing before I was even fully awake and there is one song I always sing at Easter; He Has Risen. I particularly love this verse:-

When the life flowed from His body,
Seemed like Jesus’ mission failed.
But His sacrifice accomplished,
Victory over sin and hell.

I think it just sums up all the sadness and pain of the Crucifixion and all the joy and power and freedom we have in the Resurrection…I just love it! Thank You, Jesus!


Although nothing is more important than that, I do have some other (more worldly) thoughts:

  1. I always give up something for Lent and this year I went hard-core and gave up carbs; unfortunately, it only lasted 2 weeks until I hade that sickness bug. The nice thing is that yesterday and today I haven’t been thinking “I can eat such-and-such again”. While I like the discipline of giving something up for Lent, I like being focussed on the real meaning today, so will have to think about/deal with it next year. Even eating carbs, I have still lost weight and inches as I’m still doing my extra Lucy Wyndham-Read video….yay! 🙂
  2. Whether you’re a Christian or not, today is a national holiday. So if you are home today, use your time wisely. As a self-employed person, I very rarely have time off and have money (because if I don’t work I don’t get holiday/sick pay) but today I have money and time off! I’m going out for breakfast with my family…yay! Mr. B and I went out for breakfast with some friends from church a little while ago, our daughter said it was a great idea and wanted it as her holiday treat. She has chosen the cafe (and looked up the menu online…the girl likes to plan) and we are off out in a mo. I recommend enjoying as much time as possible with your family on this special day…if you can’t and you’re working, thank you for your service.

Catch ya later peeps, have a great one!

Anna x

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